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What is a Bike and Boat Cycling Tour

What is a Bike and Boat Holiday?

Bike and boat tours are a fantastic way to explore a region with like-minded cyclists.

Bike and Boat holidays are a wonderful mix of leisure and adventure. Enjoy the best of both worlds as you explore a new location by bicycle every day, whilst staying in the same comfortable accommodation. This is the beauty of this holiday type; enjoy the excitement of a cycle tour without having to repack your bags.

This holiday is also a very social one, with the chance to meet other like-minded cyclists sharing the tour with you. One of the best ways to enjoy a group cycling tour, you’ll delight in the amazing exploration to be had. Read on to discover what is a bike and boat holiday and what makes it so fantastic.

What is a Bike and Boat Cycling Holiday

Cycling and Boats?

Believe it or not, this is a dream combination. Each morning, set out on a leisurely peddle through vineyards, past ancient castles and beautiful towns. Then return each afternoon to your boat, ready for a delicious meal together. The next day, wake up to a brand-new destination filled with excitement and charm.

You’ll be able to securely leave everything on the boat whenever you set off on a ride; this means you’ll only have to unpack once. The only struggle you’ll face is trying to fit all the delicious wine and delicacies you bought for friends and family into your suitcase.

What is a Bike and Boat Cycling Holiday

What Are the Boats Like?

Across our tours, you’ll find the boats to be both charming and comfortable. Spacious, they’re some of the larger barges seen in the waterways. Expect areas to lounge, sophisticated dining rooms, and fantastic canal-side views wherever you sail. On our tours, there is always a variety of boats you may end up on, meaning no two holidays are the same. What will be the same is the fantastic experience along the way. On these tours, enjoy the gentle waterways and canals of Europe. Just like our cycle routes, the sailing is gentle and leisurely; no sea voyages or waves.

What are Boats Like on a Cycling Holiday

Where Are These Tours?

You can enjoy a bike and boat tour in either the gorgeous Provence or elegant Veneto regions of France and Italy. In Provence, expect gourmet experiences, charming towns, and exotic natural sights. The Camargue in the south of the region is famed for its pink salt marshes and enchanting wildlife which you’ll be able to visit on our tour.

What are Bike and Boat Tours

Meanwhile, Veneto is one of the cultural and artistic centres of Italy, with fabulous cities and inspiring galleries. The route heads towards Mantua which offers one of the most beautiful scenes across our tours when you first glimpse the Ducal Palace.

What are Bike and Boat Tours


On our Provençal tour, Provence and Camargue, you’ll cruise down the picturesque Rhône at night, and pedal around the region in the day. There’s so much to do and see on this tour, thanks in part to the magical history, architecture and natural scenery of the region. Each morning, awake to a new and exciting sight in this gorgeous and sun-kissed land.

What is Bike and Boat Provence Tours

One of the stops on this tour is a visit to the Papal city of Avignon which is a historian’s dream. Most famous as the brief seat of the papacy in the medieval era, the palace from this period is still marvellous to explore. As you cycle to the city, enjoy the fields of olive groves and vineyards that give the region its Mediterranean charm.

What is Bike and Boat Provence Carmargue Tour

The most showstopping part of this tour is when you reach the Camargue National Park. Due to a rare algae, the salt marshes of the Camargue are extraordinarily pink. The home of wild white horses and even pink flamingos, this is a breathtakingly beautiful part of Provence and one of our favourite places to cycle around.


Our bespoke, luxury Bike & Boat holiday itineraries enable you to explore the very best of Provence & Camargue. Float by night and cycle along the paths by day as you discover the beauty of France in a whole new way.

Provence cycling holidays
What is Bike and Boat Provence Carmargue Tour


This region of Italy is a fabulous place to explore, filled with artistic cities and glorious architecture. Connected by waterways and gentle deltas, it’s the perfect region for a bike and boat tour. The most exciting point of call is of course Venice, with its iconic gondolas and bridges; we love parking our bikes and going for a grand tour of the city for a day. There’s so much to do and see on our Venice and Mantua cycling holiday, you’ll find a memorable experience around every corner.

What is Bike and Boat Veneto Tour

Chioggia, a colourful fishing harbour, is another fantastic destination you’ll explore on this tour. One of its notable features is the old clock tower which is thought to be the oldest in the world. Climbing this tower offers fantastic views across the town. Another nearby port you’ll cycle to is Adria which has ancient Greek origins. The fascinating history of Veneto is one of the reasons we love this tour.

What is Bike and Boat Veneto Tour

For natural beauty, it’s hard to beat the Po Delta. This wetland area is home to a multitude of rare and colourful birds, including flamingos. Fed by the River Po, many beautiful towns and cities lie along this waterway including the magnificent Mantua. The final destination of this tour, its Ducal Palace reflects off the water and adds to its spectacle.


Our Venice to Mantua Bike and Boat tour is a journey across both land sea through beautiful and varied terrain. Enjoy blissful cycling along riverside spots.

Veneto cycling holidays
What is Bike and Boat Venuice Mantua Tour

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