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Veneto Cycling Holidays

Veneto Cycling

Veneto cycling covers some of the most beautiful parts of Italy. From the iconic city of Venice to the amazing culture of Florence.

Veneto cycling covers some of the most beautiful parts of Italy. From the beautiful Dolomites to the stunning Adriatic sea, you’ll see some incredible natural sights. Our Veneto trips also include visits to the iconic city of Venice. Whether you’re taking a delightful Gondola ride down the Venice canals or admiring the lovely Prosecco hills, you’re in for a real treat on the Cycling for Softies tours. Our cycling experts have created a guide to the Veneto cycling routes.

Venice Cycling Holiday

Italy’s Art Cities

This is a fantastic self-guided cycle tour that takes in some of the most cultured regions in Italy, if not the world. The Veneto Cycling routes on this tour will take you to the canals of Venice and give you a chance to admire the Renaissance architecture of Florence. 


From the canals of Venice, the bridges of Comacchio and the Renaissance architecture of Florence, this luxury cycling tour features six days of pedalling through the heart of Italian culture and cuisine.

Veneto cycling holidays
Venice Cycling Holidays

Chiogga to Po River Delta

On our self-guided tour, you can start from the Venetian Lagoon in Chiogga. You’ll spend the first day enjoying the canals and bridges, plus visit the pedestrian streets and main centre. A brilliant way to start your holiday in the Veneto region.

The next day you’ll head towards the delightful Po River Delta. The ride is 58-101km depending on which route you take. The ride takes levee roads and there is a great opportunity to go bird watching on the way. For lunch, you can have a wonderful picnic or choose a local café. Those who want the extra mileage can choose to ride into the delta in the afternoon. 

Comacchio to Ravenna

This is a small 49km ride pedalling towards Revanna. Famous for being the last capital of the Western Roman Empire and is home to the most early-Christian mosaics in Western Europe. Once in Ravenna you can visit Dante’s tombs and admire the mosaics of San Vitale, Sant’Apollinare Nuovo and the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia.

Over the Apennines

This Veneto Cycling route takes you into the Apennines by passing through the medieval village of Brisighella first. The first park is only 15km and you can choose to take the train up and over the mountain. Alternatively, you can cycle the over which is a 63km ride altogether. The ride has dramatic scenery as you leave the flat plains into the towering mountains. Both the train ride and the cycle ride will have incredible views.

Vetta le Croci to Florence

This 41km Veneto cycling ride starts with a small climb to Vetta Le Croci. It is then downhill to the old Etruscan city of Fiesole. At this point, you will have a beautiful view of Florence rising from the valley floor. This gentle route will have you arrive in Florence after lunch. This gives you time to enjoy the capital of Renaissance Italy for the whole 

Vetta Le Croci Cycling Holidays

Bike & Boat Venice & Mantua Tour

This is a fantastic tour mixing bike and boat travel along the way. You will take in the iconic city of Venice as well as the amazing artistic culture of Mantua. It is a great blend of vibrant city life and wonderful natural scenery. In addition, you will enjoy the best food and wine, as well as lovely hotels. Read on to get an overview of the Veneto cycling routes on this trip. 


Our Venice to Mantua Bike and Boat tour is a journey across both land sea through beautiful and varied terrain. Enjoy blissful cycling along riverside spots.

Veneto cycling holidays
Venice Mantua Boat Bike Tour

Venice to Chioggia

On the first full day of the Bike & Boat adventure tour, you will spend the day exploring the iconic city of Venice. You can admire the beautiful narrow street and markets of the area. In addition, there are relaxing gondola trips taking you along the famous canals. The St Mark’s square is a great place to enjoy an espresso and take in the sights.

The next day is a 30km ride to Chiogga. You will start a gentle ride out of Venice to the Lido, which is the first of two islands you’ll visit. The Lido di Venezia is famous for being the home of the International Venice Film Festival. You’ll then head over to Pellestrina where the route continues to a lovely nature reserve. You will pedal past charming fishing villages on your way. On this trip, you will board a barge and cruise over to Chioggia to finish off the day.

Adria to Zelo

In the morning there’s another small barge cruise to begin the day. After this, you will hop back on the bike following the Po river through farmlands for 35km until you reach Ferrara. You will see a lot of beautiful art in the ancient city from different remarkable artists. On the final part of this day, you will board a bus back to the barge in Zelo on the Canal Bianco.

Zelo to Mantua

This 50km Veneto cycling route starts with a gentle ride to the village of Bergantino. In the village, you can take a tour around the Carousel and Street Entertainment Museum. From Bergantino, you will head along the river through Ostiglia to Governolo Lock. Ostiglia has a famous floating mill and medieval fortress that is worth stopping to visit.

At Governolo Lock you will head along the River Mincio which flows into the Po. This is where the largest inland basin is in Italy. On the last part of the route, you will be surrounded by stunning scenery until you reach Mantua in the afternoon.

Round Tour Mantua

On the final day of the Bike and Boat Tour, you will have a 40km trip around Mantua. There are three dazzling lakes formed by the River Minico. The ride also goes through peaceful countryside and the vibrant town itself. This is a chance to take in the amazing Renaissance art and archaeological artefacts in the area. 

Mantua Cycling Holiday

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