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Our Top Cycling Holidays for Groups

Our Top Cycling Holidays for Groups

Take a look at our choices for the top cycling holidays for your group's next adventure.

Going on a group cycling holiday is one of our favourite ways to have an adventure. There’s nothing better than everyone coming together in the evening and recounting the day’s highlights with a glass of wine in hand. Whether as part of a guided group or as a friend’s trip on a self-guided adventure, we have some fantastic tours for a group holiday.

The Grand Tour of Umbria

Umbria is a region of lush valleys and ancient towns. Fed by the Tiber River, the Upper Tiber Valley is an oasis of culture, natural beauty, and fascinating history. As part of a guided group, The Grand Tour of Umbria is a wonderful way to dive into Umbria, as a local expert guides you from hidden gem to hidden gem. Around every bend in the cycle path, there is a Roman ruin or delicious, family-run restaurant. Food, culture, history, and beauty all combine into one here. When your group isn’t eating in bliss, silenced by the delicious flavours of the local black truffles, you’ll recount all the fascinating places you cycled to that day.


Cycling Umbria offers gourmet Italian cuisine, fine wines and stunning Italian countryside. Cruise through the Umbrian hills by e-bike on our cycling holiday.

Umbria cycling holidays
Umbria Cycling Holidays

Sardinia’s Northern Secrets

Groups can also enjoy self-guided cycling holidays together, where you arrive at your destinations in your own time. This leaves you free to explore the route to your heart’s content. If a group member is enchanted by a particular town, stay longer and simply arrive at your next hotel later. On our Sardinia’s Northern Secrets cycling tour, there are so many fascinating archaeological sites, meaning history lovers in the group are well taken care of. Cycle through the ruins of the Nuragic people, whose homes and settlements date back thousands of years.


On this self-guided cycling tour of Sardinia, you’ll ride through a classy corner of Sardinia that is frequently visited by royalty and a-listers.

Sardinia cycling holidays
Sardinia Cycling Holidays

Sparkling Sussex

If your group is looking for a little sparkle on their cycling holiday, then our Sparkling Sussex e-bike holiday is a perfect choice. One of our most indulgent tours, experience the Sussex countryside like never before. Your group will delight in the fabulous vineyard tastings, showcasing the region’s famous sparkling wine. Attracting the attention of the wine industry globally, Sussex Sparkling is delicious, noted for its fruity notes thanks to English orchards.  You’ll also be staying in luxury hotels, including Ockenden Manor, Bailiffscourt and the Spread Eagle.


Enjoy the best of Sussex and Sussex wine with this carefully created tour: five nights and three vineyards with plenty of time in between to relax in our hand-picked, luxury spa hotels and explore the county aboard a top of the range E-bike.

Sussex cycling holidays
Sussex Cycling Holidays

Châteaux of the Loire

One of our most popular tours, our Châteaux of the Loire cycling holiday is also one of our favourites for groups looking for a self-guided adventure. Explore the royal land that is the Loire Valley together, cycling to magnificent châteaux and eating fabulous food together. The cuisine of the Loire is as regal as its history, with interesting flavour combinations on every menu. A particular favourite is fresh local river trout served with strawberries, mixing sweet and tangy flavours.


The magical region of the Loire is world-famous for its châteaux, magnificent rivers and delicious wines.

Loire Valley cycling holidays
Chateaux Cycling Holidays

The Grand Tour of Tuscany

Another guided adventure, The Grand Tour of Tuscany is filled with gorgeous views, delicious wine, and classic Italian dishes. With a maximum group size of eight, you can either fill up all the spaces or meet new like-minded cyclists to share your adventure with. Both options result in a fantastic Italian escape to the countryside. Your group will experience views such as Lake Trasimeno, the famous Abbey of Sant’antimo, and the Chianti vineyards. We highly recommend you stop for a tasting of the Chianti wines made here and shipped worldwide, as they save the best vintages for themselves.


Take in the stunning countryside of Tuscany on this tailor-made e-bike tour through spectacular Tuscan valleys.

Tuscany cycling holidays
Tuscany cycling holidays

Vineyards of Champagne

For groups who are full of wine lovers, look no further than the Queen wine region herself, Champagne. A land of golden vineyards and regal towns, you can cycle to some of the most famous winemaking villages on our Leisurely Cycling in Champagne holiday. From the coronation city of Reims to the almost sacred Champagne town of Aÿ, experience this golden wine like never before. Your group will have a fabulous time tasting all the wines made here, complimented by the regional cuisine. Look out for biscuit de Reims, which are pink wafers traditionally dipped in Champagne, as you’ll probably all be taking a box back home.


Explore the sophisticated and charming region of Champagne, cycling to Cathedral cities and past sprawling vineyards.

Champagne cycling holidays
Champagne Cycling Holidays

Starry Nights in Provence

A region that enchanted Van Gogh is most likely a region that will enchant your group too. With vibrant lavender fields that perfume the air in summer and hilltop towns that stand proud over the valleys, Provence is one of the most beautiful regions of France. Follow in Van Gogh’s footsteps and enjoy the delicious local food often served with garlic aioli, and stay in luxurious yet charming hotels we’ve handpicked on our Starry Nights in Provence holiday.


This pocket of Provencal perfection inspired Vincent van Gogh through the most productive period of his career, with the beauty of the region, both natural and cultural, captured in more than two hundred of his works.

Provence cycling holidays
Provence Cycling Holidays

Loire Valley Single Centre

Another fantastic option for your group holiday is a single-centre cycling tour. Staying in one location, you can explore the surrounding area each day to your heart’s content. What makes this so fantastic for groups is that the group can split up each day if they choose to. Some can stay at the hotel, others can venture down one route whilst the rest explore another. On our Loire Valley Single Centre tour, you can do just this. The Loire Valley has so much to see and experience, sometimes using a divide-and-conquer strategy is the best way to see everything collectively!


Stay in the stunning luxury Château de Candes or the charming La Marine de Loire in the world-famous Loire Valley. This single-centre trip is ideal for couples or families.

Loire Valley cycling holidays
Marine de Loire Cycling Holidays

Puglia Discovery

Puglia is Italy’s hidden gem, with a gorgeous climate boasting hours of undisturbed sunshine, and a coastal landscape quite unlike any other. On our Puglia Discovery e-bike tour, explore the ‘heel’ of Italy’s ‘boot’ as you cycle past olive groves, fishing villages, and glistening white cities. Thanks to your trusty e-bike, you can zoom up any hill with minimal energy, where the reward of a seaside view awaits you. Your group will fall in love with Puglia, seen by many as Italy’s most authentic region. You’ll have to go and experience the culture for yourself to find out why.


Our cycling tour through Puglia will take you on a journey through southern Italy’s heel aboard a top of the range electric bike.

Puglia cycling holidays
Puglia Cycling Holidays

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