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Best cycling routes in Italy

Best Cycling Routes in Italy

The best cycling in Italy can be found in our expert's selection of scenic Italian cycle routes that wind their way through this picturesque country.

The best cycling in Italy can be found in our experts’ selection of scenic Italian cycle routes. Expect dramatic coastlines, tranquil riverside paths and, of course, welcome plates of fresh tagliatelle around each and every corner, accompanied by an aperol spritz or glass of local red. When wondering where to cycle in Italy, your choices are huge. If, for you, a week’s cycling in Italy is more about the indulgence and less about the pedalling, then make sure you try one of our Softie-approved Italian cycle routes, encompassing the very best that Italy has on offer. Here’s our pick of the best places to cycle in Italy.

1. The Adige Valley Cycle Path, South Tyrol

This route is one of our favourites when looking at where to cycle in Italy. 300km in total length and spanning all the way from Reschen am Reschensee to Verona, the Adige Valley path is one of Italy’s finest leisurely cycle routes. Enjoy gentle riverside pedalling along the Adige, taking in blissful Alpine landscapes that are well away from the traffic. With the terrain being predominantly downhill, Softies can enjoy freewheeling their way from one medieval village to the next sprawling field of vines, and on into enchanting cities such as Bolzano. And of course, the vistas of South Tyrol are defined by the jagged peaks of the Dolomites, which line the skies as far as the eye can see and make for the perfect photo opportunity.

Adige Valley cycle path in Italy

2. The Destra Po Cycleway, Emilia Romagna

The Destra Po cycle route is the perfect way to explore the Emilia Romagna region of Italy, spanning 120km along the bank of the river Po, and along into Gorino in the west. This cycle route is perfect for anyone who would like to explore Italy on predominantly flat terrain, passing through gastronomic towns such as Bondeno, and rural landscapes as you go. Expect glorious sunshine all the way, on blissfully easy terrain that occupies a secluded position well away from the traffic, with cars prohibited from accessing much of the cycle route.

Destra Po cycle route in Italy

3. Sentiero della Bonifica, Tuscany and Umbria

One of the best places to cycle in Italy, this 62km, traffic-free cycle route in Italy lies on the border between Tuscany and Umbria. This Italian cycle route offers the ideal opportunity to pedal in completely tranquillity, well away from the traffic and crowds. Almost entirely flat, cyclists can enjoy wonderfully gentle cycling across a myriad of waterways, and local sites of agriculture that produce cheeses, wines, oils and fruits. Travel slowly, stopping often to sample delicacies and meet the friendly locals who can share their knowledge on the area’s rich and fertile soils. This scenic cycle route is a great option for families who would like to explore one of the most peaceful and magically scenic areas of Italy. With routes like these, you’ll no longer need to worry about where to cycle in Italy.

Sentiero della Bonifica cycle route in Italy

4. Cylcovia Adriatica, Puglia

When cycling on our Puglia Discovery tour, you’ll get the chance to experience some of the best cycling in Italy along the Adriatic coast. When cycling out of Ostuni on this route, you’ll see the city’s whitewashed old town shining like a pearl on the hillside. Cycling through Italy along the coast of ‘the boot’, pass by groves of gnarled and ancient olive trees along the peaceful breeze-kissed lanes. The Cyclovia Adriatica is one of Italy’s longest cycling routes, and your journey on it finishes at the historical trading city of Brindisi. The gateway of trade for Greece and the Middle East for a thousand years, there’s plenty of sights to see in one of the largest jewels of Puglia’s crown.

Cylcovia Adriatica cycle route in Italy

5. Via Francigena, Tuscany and Umbria

Cycling through Italy would not be complete without travelling along the Via Francigena. An ancient pilgrimage highway, Christians would travel from the cathedral city of Canterbury, England, through France and Switzerland, all the way to Rome and then on to the holy lands, through beautiful route between Gubbio and Assisi. Some of the best cycling in Italy, you’ll have the chance to soak in the history and Apennine atmosphere of the Italian heartlands. On the way, you’ll stop off at charming Italian cafes for some of the most delicious coffee and traditional Umbrian dishes before arriving in Assisi.

Via Francigena cycle route in Italy

6. Cycle Aggius to Santa Teresa di Gallura, Sardinia

This is one of the most naturally stunning Italy cycling routes on our Sardinia’s Northern Secrets cycle tour. This is a spectacular ride that goes along the northernmost shores of the island. You will ride 61km on an e-bike around the Capo Testa self-guided. You can admire the beautiful bright blue waters that stretch to the southern coast of Corsica. Your final stop will be in the delightful small coastal village of Santa Teresa di Gallura. After your ride, you can sit back and relax on the lovely local beach. The question of where to cycle in Italy is answered with this route. 

Cycle Aggius to Santa Teresa di Gallura cycle route in Italy

7. Over the Apennines, Veneto

On our Italy’s Art Cities self-guided tour, you can head over the Apennines and take in some of the best views cycling through Italy. First, you pass through the beautiful medieval village of Brisighella, where you can take a break for some delicious local snacks. On our tour, you can choose whether to head over the mountain. If you do, the scenery opens up dramatically to mountains that rise as you climb the Apennines. After a 63km ride, you will finish at the train station for a relaxing journey to your hotel in Marradi.

Over the Apennines cycle route in Italy

8. Round Trip from San Marco di Castellabate, Campania & Amalfi

There are so many landmarks and great stops on this part of our Cilento and Amalfi Coast tour. The trip starts with a short climb up to the beautiful town of Castellabate, once a fortified stronghold offering refuge to the local peasants. There’s a delightful medieval castle to admire too. Further along the route, the views reach as far as the Amalfi Coast and Capri, while on clear days it may even be possible to see Sicily.

In addition, you will pass through medieval hamlets, such as Perdifumo, Serramezzana, Celso, Galdo, and San Mauro Cilento. All worth a visit on one of the most delightful Italy cycle routes. Towards the end, you will go down to the fishing village of Agnone and then along the coast to San Marco.

San Marco di Castellabate cycle route in Italy

Our Best Cycling Holidays in Italy

The Grand Tour of Tuscany

On this self guided trip you will breeze through the scenery on our selected e-bikes. You will head through the Chianti wine territory and taste incredible wine at local vineyards. Cycle along the ancient Via Francigena, with its Roman ruins and charming Tuscan villages. You will also take in stunning views of Lake Trasimeno from Cortona. On the way, there are delightful cafés and restaurants too, with delightful local delicacies.


Take in the stunning countryside of Tuscany on this tailor-made e-bike tour through spectacular Tuscan valleys.

Tuscany cycling holidays
Tuscan Experience tour in Italy

Pedal Through Puglia

Experience the heel of Italy by hopping between stunning sites and hand-picked boutique hotels. This less-discovered region has beautiful ocean views, delightful Italian towns and beautiful olive groves. There is so much history in the area from the Greeks, Romans and Spaniards over the centuries. You can admire the incredible unique architecture and natural beauty of the area.


Self guided cycling through the heel of Italy, visiting iconic towns, rich in history and a beautiful coastline of coves and crystal waters.

Puglia cycling holidays
Pedal through Puglia tour in Italy

South Tyrol, Lake Garda and Verona

This tour has some of the best cycling routes in Italy because it has the best combination of incredible mountain views and the sight of the stunning Lake Garda. On your itinerary, there are charming old villages in the hills and vibrant cities with tons of culture, history and places to eat delicious cuisine. The cycle route is mainly flat along the valley bed, but there are a few inclines that we recommend using an e-bike on.


This incredibly scenic tour is one of great contrasts: dramatic mountain terrain and the shimmering flat waters of Lake Garda.

South Tyrol cycling holidays
South Tyrol cycle tour in Italy

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