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How to Plan a Spring Cycling Holiday

How to Plan a Spring Cycling Holiday

If you need help planning your spring cycling adventure, you'll be sure to find inspiration below.

With spring, the dark days of winter finally come to a close. The weather gets warmer and everything comes to life, making it a fantastic time to go cycling. For groups with children, heading off on an Easter cycling holiday can be a real family adventure during the school holidays. For couples or friends, May can be much quieter and the perfect time for leisure and relaxation. If you’re not sure where to start or how to plan a spring cycling holiday, our handy guide is here to help. From holiday inspiration to some example trips you can take, you’ll find it all below.

How to Plan a Spring Cycling Holiday

For Families

Spring is one of our favourite times for a family cycling holiday adventure. Cooler than the summer months, you don’t have to worry about the little ones overheating or being in the sun too long. Heading out on a bike ride, for many, is a core memory of youth. As a result, the whole clan will delight in the sights and experiences of a cycle tour.

The Loire Valley is always our number-one choice for families. In the spring, the region is breathtaking to experience. Known as the ‘garden of France’, blossoms and blooms can be found everywhere. The children will love nothing more than running around the châteaux gardens, inspired by the tales of princesses and knights. Parents will delight in the tales of courtly intrigue and scandalous dramas that every castle in the Loire seems to have. The long and fascinating history of the region is what makes it so special.

The Loire is also one of the flattest regions, meaning it’s not too strenuous for the kids. The flat routes are also a lifesaver after a particularly good lunch; expect leisure above all else when visiting the Loire. Our tour, Châteaux of the Loire, is very popular for families due to its gentle routes and the fascinating sights you see.


The magical region of the Loire is world-famous for its châteaux, magnificent rivers and delicious wines.

Loire Valley cycling holidays
How to Plan a Spring Cycling Holiday for Families

For Friends

If your group of friends is wondering how to plan a spring cycling holiday, then the best place to start is to figure out what everyone really wants to see. Sometimes the whole group can be in unison with what everyone wants. Whether that’s a holiday filled with history, good food, fabulous wine, or natural beauty. If that’s the case, then here are our recommendations.

When it comes to good food, Italy is our first choice. And the number one region for foodies is Emilia Romagna. There are countless regional delicacies from here which became international favourites: Parma ham, Bolognese, parmesan cheese, and so many more. When cycling here, any restaurant you pass by is sure to be a gourmet experience. Spring is when many of the cafes and businesses start opening up again, making it a perfect time to explore for foodies. Our Flavours of Emilia Romagna tour is a great choice for foodie friends wondering how to plan a spring cycling holiday.


Experience Bologna to Parma through a stunning region of Italy where history, art, culture combine with fantastic food to provide an unforgettable Taste of Italy.

Emilia Romagna cycling holidays
How to Plan a Spring Cycling Holiday for Friends

For history, it’s hard to beat the Cotswolds. An ancient land, there’s a story and a tale for almost every building you’ll cycle past. From Roman to Regency, countless eras have left a mark on the region. A group filled with history lovers are well looked after here. Not only this, but gathering in a pub after a day of cycling is sure to be a joyous experience, with plentiful local beers to enjoy. Our Grand Tour of the Cotswolds, as a result, should be a key contender for history lovers planning a holiday with their friends.


Traverse the Cotswolds from north to south, this route blends the historical charm of the region with some of its finest contemporary touches.

Cotswolds cycling holidays
How to Plan a Spring Cycling Holiday for Friends

A group of budding sommeliers should definitely turn their sights to Bordeaux or Champagne. The most famous wine regions in France, vineyard tours and tastings are all but compulsory. In Bordeaux, enjoy internationally acclaimed reds and whites from the vineyards of Saint-Émilion. In Champagne, taste some truly luxurious sparkling wines and sample some delightful Biscuit de Reims as an accompaniment. Vineyards of Bordeaux and A Taste of Champagne are both tours we highly recommend for groups who love wine.


The Vineyards of Bordeaux tour takes you through some of the region’s most prestigious winemaking areas, coupled with stunning natural beauty and the cultural city of Bordeaux.

Bordeaux cycling holidays


Indulge yourself with delicious wines and stunning scenery with a Champagne cycling holiday, through charming vineyards and grand cities.

Champagne cycling holidays
How to Plan a Spring Cycling Holiday for Friends

If your group can’t fully decide what to do on their spring cycling holiday, then look no further than Tuscany. Not only is this part of Italy immensely beautiful, the food is fantastic, the wine is delicious, and the history is rich. There’s something for everyone. And the best part about cycling here in spring is that there is almost no chance of a heatwave to throw your plans out of action. With sunny days and gentle evenings, our Grand Tour of Tuscany is a top contender when wondering how to plan a spring cycling holiday.


Take in the stunning countryside of Tuscany on this tailor-made e-bike tour through spectacular Tuscan valleys.

Tuscany cycling holidays
How to Plan a Spring Cycling Holiday for Friends

For Couples

In our opinion, the most romantic region of Europe is Provence. So inspiring is the Provençal landscape, Van Gogh decided to make the region itself his muse. With dramatic hilltop towns, gorgeous food, eye-catching landscapes and refreshing rose wine, it’s not hard to find the romantic aspects of Provence.

Our Provence single-centre cycling tour is like a second honeymoon. You’ll have the chance to stay in luxurious accommodation and truly experience the region like a local. The way of life in Provence is famously slow-paced, with a focus on enjoying all that life has to offer. Like Tuscany, the temperature in spring is perfect for cycling as you won’t overheat during the day, and all you need is a light fleece in the evenings.


Escape to perfection in Provence on this single-centre cycling holiday. Our Saint-Rémy-de-Provence is the perfect self-guided adventure.

Provence cycling holidays
How to Plan a Spring Cycling Holiday for Couples

For more information on how to plan a spring cycling holiday, call our cycle experts today on 020 7471 7760.

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