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Single Centre Cycling Holidays

What to Expect on a Single-Centre Cycling Holiday

Read all about what our single-centre cycling holidays are and why they're the right choice for you.

To some, a holiday is all about immersing yourself in the local area; enjoying your trip as if you live there. For these people, a single-centre cycling holiday is the perfect answer. The concept is simple: stay in a single hotel the entire trip, venturing out each day to explore different parts of the local area. For so many reasons, this is a fantastic cycling holiday choice; whether you like to really get to know a destination, or you’re a family with young kids so the less fuss on a trip the better.

What to Expect on a Single Centre Cycling Holiday

What Exactly is a Single-Centre Cycling Holiday?

Although many of our tours have you following a set route, arriving at different towns every day and setting off again each morning, we also offer single-centre experiences. These holidays are all about immersing yourself in the region as you really get to know a place. Take our Loire Valley Single Centre cycling tour – stay in the fabulous Marine de Loire or the historic Château de Candes and venture out to explore the surrounding towns and villages which include Chinon, Saumur and countless châteaux. On every single-centre cycling holiday, you’ll enjoy staying in stylish and comfortable accommodation. Ranging from château-style buildings to old English manor houses, each one is filled to the brim with character and style.

Another of our favourite aspects of a single-centre cycling holiday is the freedom and flexibility it provides. Self-guided in its nature, you’re in charge. We offer you a range of set-day itineraries, each exploring a different area in the local region. It’s then up to you to decide where you want to go and when. You may decide that you’d prefer a rest day at the hotel instead of a bike ride, where you visit the spa or take a walk into town. The beauty of a single-centre cycling holiday is that all these options are available to you. As every destination offers something a little different, expect a unique experience on every single-centre cycling holiday.


Stay in the stunning luxury Château de Candes or the charming La Marine de Loire in the world-famous Loire Valley. This single-centre trip is ideal for couples or families.

Loire Valley cycling holidays
What is a Single Centre Cycling Holiday

Who Suits a Single-Centre Cycling Holiday?

This type of holiday is a fantastic experience for anyone, but for some, it will definitely shine brighter. Families in particular will love these. Taking the kids on holiday can be one of the most magical ways to create memories as a family, and there’s no better way to do this than on an adventure like this. As you’re staying at the same hotel throughout the trip, you don’t have to worry about making sure the kids are packed up every morning before you head off; just enjoy the day hassle-free. Not only this but if there’s a difference in age between the kids, the older ones may want to head off on a ride with one parent whilst the younger ones explore the local beach with the other parent. However you want your holiday to be, a single-centre cycling trip gives you that flexibility you’re searching for.

Who Should go on a Single Centre Cycling Holiday

What to Expect in the Cotswolds

Our single-centre tour in the Cotswolds is the Cotswolds Single Centre, where you can enjoy warm hospitality and rural charm. Staying in the gorgeous Barnsley House, explore one of England’s most beautiful regions. Designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the Cotswolds joins the likes of the Lake District and Scottish Highlands as some of the most gorgeous slices of Britain.

On this tour, you have the chance to enjoy various bike rides to towns and villages more charming than the last. With quirky names like Bourton-on-the-water and Lower Slaughter, cycle over cobblestone bridges and past vibrant cottage gardens. The tour consists of 3 nights in this gorgeous manor house, so is a great choice for those looking to go on a short break cycling holiday.


Experience the finest hospitality and warmest welcome in the Cotswolds. This short break holiday combines luxurious accommodation and a range of fantastic dining options.

Cotswolds cycling holidays
Cotswolds Single Centre Cycling Holidays

What to Expect in Sussex

On the Sussex Beach Break cycling holiday, escape to England’s premier seaside. One of the sunniest regions of the country, enjoy seaside cycling routes as you stop off for classic ice creams or a dip in the Channel. On this tour, you’ll be staying at the luxurious Bailiffscourt, just a stone’s throw away from Climping Beach. At this hotel, you’ll enjoy relaxing spa treatments, candlelit dining, and refreshing dips in the pool.

One of the optional bike rides on this single-centre holiday is to the magnificent Arundel Castle. This is one of the most photographed castles in the country, and you’ll see why. The towering peaks can be seen from miles away, as it sits proudly over the River Arun and the town below. Another of the routes takes you to Tinwood Wine Estate where you can enjoy a wine tasting and tour of the vineyards. The sparkling white wine made in Sussex is the jewel of the region, as more and more sommeliers take note of the bottles produced here.


Take yourself to the seaside for a short break combining some great leisure cycling routes with some of the best accommodation, restaurants, and spa facilities in Sussex.

Sussex cycling holidays
Sussex Single Centre Cycling Holidays

What to Expect in the Loire

A single-centre holiday in the Loire is one of our favourite choices for families. The region in general is incredibly child friendly, and there are so many activities on offer. On our cycling tour, Château de Candes, you’ll have the chance to visit some of the most famous castles in the region, with gorgeous gardens the kids will just love to explore.

Not only are there exciting cycling routes, but there are also many activities to enjoy in the Loire. These include canoeing, cave exploring, wine tasting, the national equestrian school, tennis, and walking tours. The reason why this single-centre holiday is so perfect for families is because of its fantastic variety of activities.


Stay in the stunning luxury Châteaux de Candes the world-famous Loire Valley. This trip is ideal for couples or families.

Loire Valley cycling holidays
Loire Single Centre Cycling Holidays

What to Expect in Bordeaux

Single-centre cycling holidays are also a great choice for couples looking for short breaks. For this, we would recommend our Bordeaux Single Centre tour. Bordeaux is a fabulous region of vibrant towns and verdant vineyards; the perfect playground for wine lovers. On this tour, stay in the extravagant Hotel La Zoologie and set out each day to explore the exciting region.

Expect delicious food, famous wines, and even giant sand dunes as you visit Arcachon Bay. The variety of scenery in Bordeaux is one of the reasons a single-centre holiday here is so wonderful. One day you’ll be cycling through vineyards, and the next you’re enjoying a leisurely route past the seaside.


Discover the French city of Bordeaux on our luxury, tailor-made cycling tour; where you can discover rich history, world-class architecture, excellent gastronomy and of course, fine wines.

Bordeaux cycling holidays
Bordeaux Single Centre Cycling Holidays

For more information on what to expect on a single-centre cycling holiday, call our cycle experts today on 020 7471 7760.

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