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Cycling Holidays for Seniors

Cycling Holidays for Seniors

Expect gourmet experiences and delicious wine on our cycling holidays for seniors.

Cycling holidays for seniors means living life for leisure. With wonderfully flat routes and relaxing days under the summer sun, a Cycling for Softies holiday is perfect for seniors. Our tours in regions such the Loire, Champagne, Alsace and South Tyrol are both flat and easy. This means you can look forward to more time for leisure, even when cycling.

Another fantastic choice is to upgrade your bikes to e-bikes. Save up the power to really storm ahead up even the most challenging of hills, passing by the prideful non-e-bikers struggling. To discover the very best cycling holidays for seniors that we have in our collection, read on.

Champagne, France

Loire, France

The Loire was a playground for French and English royalty throughout history. With elegant châteaux and sprawling vineyards as far as the eye can see. On our cycling tours here, many of the routes are flat and follow either the Loire River or the Loire à Vélo cycle path. These are exceptionally easy to follow and pass by some beautiful sights. Our Châteaux of the Loire tour, for example, follows the Loire à Vélo to Montsoreau, a wonderful riverside town, known as one of the most beautiful villages in France.

On cycling holidays for seniors, good food and even better wine are all but assured. That’s what makes the Loire so fantastic. With exciting dishes using unique flavours, and a wine industry that produces some truly delicious vintages, this is one of our favourite places to cycle. Read our Loire Wine Region blog to learn more about the vineyards, and our Best Restaurants in the Loire blog to discover the tastiest places to eat at.


The magical region of the Loire is world-famous for its châteaux, magnificent rivers and delicious wines.

Loire Valley cycling holidays
Loire, France

Sussex, UK

The UK’s premier seaside region, Sussex is also a cyclist’s dream. With quiet rural paths that pass by sleepy towns and impressive coastlines, the is one of the best cycling holidays for seniors. The blossoming wine industry is also exciting to behold, with more and more vineyards planted every season here. Be sure to stop off and enjoy a tour and tasting of the crips Sussex Sparkling as you head to the coast. One of the most popular seaside locations for the past hundred years, prepare to be enchanted.

Choosing a single centre holiday can really let you get acquainted with a region. That’s why our Sussex Single Centre tour is one of our favourite cycling holidays for seniors. Stay in the indulgent spa hotel of Ockenden Manor, where relaxing treatments and massages await you before cake and tea in the gardens. As you stay in one location, each day you venture out to explore in the saddle, spending as long or as little as you like before returning. The beauty of this holiday is truly the freedom it provides.


Spend your days on leisurely bike rides along quiet lanes, through villages and vineyards and your evenings relaxing in a country house hotel, complete with a host of spa facilities.

Sussex cycling holidays
Sparkling Sussex tour

Champagne, France

One of the most iconic regions of France, Champagne is both elegant and charming. Much like the wine named after it, you’ll find luxurious architecture and indulgent hotels, especially on our A Taste of Champagne cycling tour. One of our favourite cycling holidays for seniors, this is a voyage of the senses.

The route of this tour takes you past rows of beautiful vineyards that surround pretty towns and villages. Some, like Hautvillers, are internationally known for the production of Champagne. Sparkling wine is almost the currency here, with many restaurants boasting extensive Champagne lists on top of the reds and whites. A unique aspect of the region is the way in which the cuisine has evolved to pair perfectly with the local wines. The delicious vegetable stews complement a glass of Champagne perfectly; even the biscuits here are made for the drink. This is one of our favourite cycling holidays for seniors with a love of wine.


Indulge yourself with delicious wines and stunning scenery with a Champagne cycling holiday, through charming vineyards and grand cities.

Champagne cycling holidays
Champagne, France

South Tyrol, Italy

The dramatic peaks of the Dolomites and glistening waters of Lake Garda are what give South Tyrol such beauty. However, the wonderful and well-maintained cycle paths that run through the region are what make this one of our favourite cycling holidays for seniors. On our South Tyrol, Lake Garda and Verona cycling tour, escape to a world of charm and beauty.

With an e-bike upgrade, this tour is a breeze as you conquer any uphill challenge with minimum effort. Stop off at the Caldaro vineyards and Tyrolean towns along the way, tasting and touring this beautiful wine region. The jewel of this tour is Verona, the setting for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. The city has many sights to see, including a Roman amphitheatre and countless charming streets. This is a cycling holiday for seniors who crave an Italian escape.


This incredibly scenic tour is one of great contrasts: dramatic mountain terrain and the shimmering flat waters of Lake Garda.

South Tyrol cycling holidays
Sirmione in Lake Garda

Alsace, France

One of the lesser-known wine regions of France, Alsace is both beautiful and unique. The complex history of the region, which has seen it in changing hands over centuries, has left a distinct impression on the people, architecture, and food. A hybrid of French and German cultures has resulted in the vibrant Alsace. On our Route du Vin cycling holiday, you’ll have the chance to experience this unique culture, as well as taste all the delicious Riesling wine produced here.

The towns and buildings of Alsace are known for being timbre clad and wonderfully colourful. A fine example of this is the city of Colmar, with flower-lined bridges that leap over peaceful canals. The atmosphere here is vibrant, and the perfect reward for a day’s cycling. The Route du Vin also passes by the Vosges Mountains, lined with hilltop castles and is incredibly picturesque. 

Expect sweet wines in Alsace that complement the delicious, salty food. In particular, we recommend the Choucroute, an Alsatian variation of the well-known and well-loved Sauerkraut. Often served with sausages, the salty cabbage goes beautifully with the sweet Riesling. Moments like these are what make this one of our favourite cycling holidays for seniors.


Cycle from one vineyard to another, stopping off to sample exceptional gastronomy and world-class wines along the way.

Alsace cycling holidays
Alsace, France

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