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Best restaurants in Champagne

Best Restaurants in Champagne

This iconic region has some of the best food in France, as well as the best wine.

The Champagne region is famous for its sparkling wine and rolling vineyards. However, the cuisine here is just as special. What makes the food so unique is the way in which champagne has influenced it. Many of the dishes and recipes have been made to accompany the iconic drink, creating a unique dining experience. The history of the region is as long as it is fascinating, with Charlemagne planting the first vineyards over a thousand years ago. Royal interest in the region and its cuisine has continued ever since. As such, you’ll find many of the best restaurants in Champagne.

There are a multitude of regional delicacies for you to enjoy with a glass of bubbly. The most famous is probably the biscuits de Reims, a pink and light biscuit made to dip in a glass of champagne. This is a treat as delightful as it is zealously guarded. The recipe for the perfect biscuit has been kept closely guarded by Fossier’s confectionaries ever since its accidental creation in the 1600s. Another delicious treat is Reims ham, made with a combination of wonderful spices and flavours including, nutmeg, parsley and shallots. Many locals often enjoy cubes of this ham as an aperitif with a glass of wine.

In the best restaurants in Champagne, a common sight on the menu is boudin blanc or ‘white pudding’. Similar to black pudding, this is made from the best cuts of pork and a wonderful blend of seasonings and local ingredients such as truffles and leeks. Like most recipes, this dish is best enjoyed with a glass of Champagne to compliment the flavour. Another such dish is the Champagne Joute, a hearty stew filled with local vegetables and aromatic herbs. Unusual among stews, this one is paired perfectly with sparkling white wine, creating an experience you mustn’t miss. Read on to discover the best restaurants in Champagne and what to expect.

Best restaurants in Champagne

La Cave à Champagne, Epernay

In the heart of Epernay lies La Cave à Champagne, a dining experience like no other. The rustic stone walls juxtapose the elegant décor, with the appearance of the restaurant mirroring the authenticity of their high-class food. The most well-known feature of the restaurant is its wonderful wine list, with a huge selection of local Champagne. You’ll find many of the restaurants in the region have cellars filled with Champagne to offer, something not found anywhere outside the region.

The menu is classically French, with national favourites as well as regional specialities. For starters, tuck into a snail casserole, escargot, flavoured with pork, garlic and chanterelles. For your main course, enjoy a delicious Champagne joute, one of the specialities of the region. Or perhaps veal kidney, flambée with Marc de Champagne which is a grape marc spirit. The flavours of this dish are vibrant and strong, pairing perfectly with a glass of Champagne. For dessert, tuck into a selection of local cheeses or perhaps a chocolate profiterole, once again with a glass of sparkling. This delicious menu is what makes La Cave one of the best restaurants in Champagne.

La Cave à Champagne, Epernay

L’Alambic, Reims

In the capital of the Champagne region, there are many fantastic places to eat. One such place is L’Alambic, where you can enjoy an indulgent dinner in a cellar. The atmosphere is very romantic, with the candlelight illuminating the vaulted ceilings. The fantastic location, in the city centre away from the tourist areas, makes this one of the best restaurants in Champagne.

On the menu, expect rich flavours and elegant presentation. One of the most popular starters is their pate terrine, served with onion compote and winter fruits mulled in wine. The tangy, sharpness of the fruit cut through the rich flavours of the pate to create a delicious experience. For true indulgence, order the Beef fillet Rossini style for your main. Rossini style is when the fillet is served with all manner of luxurious ingredients such as truffles and Madeira glaze. Delicious and decadent, this is one of the best restaurants in Champagne for a reason.

L'Alambic, Reims

Les Sarments, Châlons-en-Champagne

With excellent traditional food, Les Sarments is a fantastic choice for dining when in Châlons-en-Champagne. Like many restaurants in France, the food presentation is wonderful. Every dish could be considered art, with elegant swirls of flavour and decorative seasonings to name just a few of their artistic touches. We believe this makes Les Sarments one of the best restaurants in Champagne.

For starters, enjoy classic escargot dripping in delicious garlic butter. And for your main course, fresh fish caught from the river, swimming in gorgeous saffron sauce. An absolute treat for the tastebuds, the best way to describe the food here is rich. For dessert, homemade sorbet bursting with the sharp flavour of raspberry and lemon is the perfect end to the meal. You’ll have the chance to visit here on day 3 of our Vineyards of Champagne tour.

Les Sarments, Châlons-en-Champagne

Café d’Hautvillers, Hautvillers

For a light lunchtime meal, this is the best place to eat in town. Café d’Hautvillers is as small as it is charming, where you can soak up the rural atmosphere of the town whilst enjoying freshly baked pastries and delicious coffee. With specials that change every day, you never quite know what’s in store when eating here.

Past favourites include flamed prawns with cognac laying on a bed of rice and vegetables, chicken fillet with rich duck pate, and their popular pork roast. Proud members of the community, you feel their passion and love for food and the Champagne region when eating here. For desserts, you absolutely have to try their tiramisu, somehow both decadent and delicate. One of the best restaurants in Champagne, you can visit here on day 2 of our Vineyards of Champagne tour.

Café d'Hautvillers, Hautvillers

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