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Bordeaux Cycling Holidays

Best Restaurants in Bordeaux

Bordeaux has some fantastic places to eat. Read on to discover where.

Bordeaux is one of the wine capitals of Europe, with many delicious reds made here and sold worldwide. To accompany such a sumptuous, smooth drink, the cuisine has evolved into a gastronomic hotspot. From French classics like grilled duck, to more international and forward-thinking dishes, there’s a delicious delight around every corner when on a cycling holiday here. Our Bordeaux trips will have you explore the exciting, bike-friendly city as well as its wonderful countryside, full of vineyards. Along the way, you can even enjoy fresh oysters from the famous Arcachon Bay. You’ll find some of the best restaurants in Bordeaux.

The region of Bordeaux has many delicacies and traditional dishes to look out for. Pastries are what south-west France is known for mostly, so expect a wonderful variety of sweet and savoury delights. Patisseries are stacked high with chocolatines, and the cafes will always have religieuses on offer, with creamy vegetable fillings that create the perfect light lunch. Many of the Bordeaux dishes feature fowl, with local duck constituting a majority of the hearty cuisine here. However, the restaurants of Bordeaux also serve the classic, delicate French dishes you may be familiar with. Read on to discover the best restaurants in Bordeaux.

Best Restaurants in Bordeaux

Restaurant Son’

For one of the most memorable culinary experiences in France, head to Bordeaux’s Restaurant Son’. Some of the dishes you have will redefine delicious for your taste buds. Bursting with French creativity and excellence, this restaurant is a real treat. Priding themselves on their worldly gaze, you’ll find many international dishes as well as traditional classics. France often has a reputation for being conservative and hyper-traditional when it comes to their food, but restaurant Son challenges this perception.  

For adventurous foodies with an appetite, the five-course dinner menu is absolutely recommended. Enjoy a creamy and delicious cuttlefish starter with coconut and daikon, before a spaghetti timbale featuring pork and bernaise foam. Then a red mullet steamed with seaweed and locally sourced duck with chanterelle mushrooms are served. To finish the evening, indulge yourself with their ‘chocolate conference’ accompanied with pear sorbet. One of the best restaurants in Bordeaux, this is an experience you don’t want to miss.

Restaurant Son, Bordeaux

Le Chicoula Bistrot d’Art

If you’re looking for imaginative dishes in a cosy setting, then le Chicoula Bistrot d’Art is the perfect choice for you. Decorated in the style of a living room, you’ll feel as if you’re just going round to a friend’s, where a delicious dinner awaits. The food here is classic gourmand, with delicate dishes from enticing tasting menus. With an exceptional wine list to accompany the food, you’re in capable hands here.

One of the first things you’ll notice about the food is the immaculate presentation. The dishes re prepared in such a way that it almost feels wrong to dig in and ruin it. However, the gorgeous aromas from the inviting food is sure to lay your conscience to rest. The menu is varied and changing, meaning it can be a surprise what is available. You should expect local produce and classic French recipes, from grilled duck to aromatic mushrooms. Every part of the meal has had bounteous care and attention, making this one of the best restaurants in Bordeaux.

Le Chicoula Bistrot d'Art, Bordeaux

Café de la Plage

When visiting Arcachon Bay, you’ll find a plethora of seaside cafes and bistros. The shellfish here is legendary, with platters of oysters and mussels a common sight. The location, right on the coast front, offers unbeaten views especially at sunset. Relax with a drink in hand at one of the best restaurants in Bordeaux. The nearby sand dunes are also a spectacle, and quite often climbing them builds up an appetite. That’s why the location of Café de la Plage is so perfect.

When enjoying a platter of oysters, there’s no better treat than taking a sip of crisp, white wine, gazing out over bay. Although reds rule the region, the local whites here pair perfectly with this dish. For mussel lovers, the rich and creamy sauce accompanying this shellfish is famous. You’ll find plates of mussels and chips everywhere you go here, so expect a delicious feast.

Café de la Plage, Bordeaux

Les Drôles

When looking for a restaurant that is no-fuss and straight to the point, then look no further than Les Drôles. Although small, the food here is sensational, and the service is warm. The menu has only three options for both starters and mains, taking out the stress of pages long menus. You can be sure that whatever you choose has been perfected, and will be served with care and attention.

Fresh gazpacho, salmon tartare, and rich pate are the delicious and traditionally French choices you can choose from for your starter. For your main course, delicious confit duck leg is the clear favourite, with their roast beef in red wine jus a close second. Rich flavours highlighting the region’s history and traditions are what makes this one of the best restaurants in Bordeaux.

Les Drôles, Bordeaux

Le Quatrième Mur

For a grand meal, perhaps as a finale to your cycling holiday here, Le Quatrième Mur should be your first choice. Dining inside a grand opera theatre is a phenomenal experience where you will feel like royalty. With an atmosphere almost as good as the food, expect an evening of culinary delights here. High vaulted ceilings with glistening chandeliers and columns stretching down the hall, this restaurant is incredibly romantic, evoking imagery of royal events and lavish parties.

Not limiting themselves to just the French classics, one of their most delicious dishes is the ravioli, filled with creamy mushrooms and served in frothed white sauce. Thanks to Bordeaux’s location as a doorway to the Atlantic, freshly caught tuna is also on the menu, and is served seared to perfection. One of the best restaurants in Bordeaux for food lovers who enjoy a hearty ambience in a grand setting, Le Quatrième Mur is worth noting.

Le Quatrième Mur, Bordeaux

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