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Sardinia Cycling Routes

Sardinia Cycling Routes

This beautiful and mysterious island holds many secrets for you to discover.

Sardinia cycling routes are full of sunny lanes, crystal clear coves, and a rich culture to explore. Found to the west of mainland Italy, this island is one of the most unique in the Mediterranean. Countless people have left their mark on the island, with food and traditions not found anywhere else in the country. And with one of Europe’s most beautiful natural landscapes, the Sardinia cycling routes are not to be missed.

Sardinia Cycling Routes

Cycling Routes in Sardinia

The island is perfect for leisurely pedalling, with gentle lanes and the occasional challenging incline. The Sardinia cycling routes take you along the stunning coastline of Costa Smeralda. Expect bright blue waters beneath dramatic cliffs. Many of the island’s towns lie along the coastline and make for perfect exploration breaks. The Tyrrhenian Sea lies East of the island and is famously calm. This is often an inviting sight when looking to cool down; taking a dip here is wonderfully refreshing.

As you head inland, our Sardinia cycling routes will show you a landscape that not many tourists see. The rolling hills and rugged peaks that line the paths you’ll take are truly spectacular. Hidden amongst these valleys, you’ll find picturesque towns full of delicious dining experiences. On day three of our Sardinia’s Northern Secrets tour, when you head inland, you’ll cycle to one of the island’s most famous archaeological sites. This tour really gives you a perfect mix of coastal delights, beautiful landscapes, and fascinating history.


On this self-guided cycling tour of Sardinia, you’ll ride through a classy corner of Sardinia that is frequently visited by royalty and A-listers.

Sardinia cycling holidays
Cycling Routes in Sardinia

Natural Beauty

The natural landscape of the region is one of our favourite parts of the Sardinia cycling routes. As a result of the island’s size, you can find almost every biosphere here, from forests and plains to arid hills and lush meadows. Because of this, Sardinia has often been called a ‘mini continent’ due to its variety. This gives variety to the Sardinia cycling routes, so every day brings a fresh environment and new sights.

The Valle della Luna is a valley carved out of granite which greets the crystal blue sea, and it’s also one of the most beautiful landscapes on the island. The spectacular rock formations line the valley walls and lead to some of Sardinia’s finest beaches. Another area that’s naturally beautiful, La Maddalena is reachable by ferry and hides mysterious lagoons and secluded coves. On day 7 of the Sardinia cycling routes, you’ll have the chance to tour this island, dipping in and out of its picturesque bays all day.

Natural Beauty in Sardinia

Wonderful Towns


On the Sardinia cycling routes, the towns you’ll pedal into are magical. A-listers and royalty have known about these secret getaways for years, and it’s clear why they’re visited. Cannigione is one of the most vibrant and bustling villages in the region. The classic red-tiled roofs and cream-painted walls greet the pearly white sands of the coast. A beautiful sight, especially when pedalling in, this tourist village was once only a fishing spot but is now full of markets.

Wonderful Towns in Sardinia: Cannigione

Tempio Pausania

Tempio Pausania, a town further inland, is another wonderful stop on the Sardinia cycling routes. Famous for its carnival, cork and Moscato, the rainbow streets in the centre make for some great photography spots. The architecture of Tempio Pausania is beautiful to explore, which you’ll be able to do at the end of day 3 of the tour.

Wonderful Towns in Sardinia: Tempio Pausania

Porto Cervo

If you want to experience a touch of Sardinian luxury, then Porto Cervo is a town not to be missed. This is where most of the rich and famous make their pilgrimage, and once you visit you’ll know why. Expect some of the most delicious restaurants and some of Sardinia’s best coastal views. Luxury yachts flock to the bay here in large numbers; spotting them almost feels like whale watching with billionaires. Standing out from other towns, Porto Cervo was actually designed in the 50s as an elite getaway spot. Although you’ll only visit as you pedal through on day 2 of the Sardinia cycling routes, this town is definitely memorable.

Wonderful Towns in Sardinia: Porto Cervo

San Pantaleo

In contrast with the glitz and glamour of Porto Cervo, San Pantaleo is the definition of authentic. Nestled in the hills above the Costa Smeralda, this town boasts a striking backdrop. High above is a spine of jagged peaks that stand guard over San Pantaleo. They can be seen from everywhere in the town, and make for one of the more dramatic views on the Sardinia cycling routes. The restaurants here are also authentic, with delicious flavours and recipes that are unique to the island.

Wonderful Towns in Sardinia: San Pantaleo

Delicious Food and Wine

The uniqueness of Sardinia definitely stretches to its food and wine. You’ll find flavours and combinations here that just aren’t served in mainland Italy. An example of this is the use of mint and myrtle, typically used to flavour the most popular dish on the island: suckling pig. Sardinia makes this dish a little differently, as a rich stew with vegetables and garden beans. On our Sardinia cycling routes, you’ll also fall in love with the local bread made here. Baked till dry on purpose, these loaves are perfect for soaking up all the goodness of stews for a delicious experience.

Thanks to its long history under Spanish rule, the wines of Sardinia are typically made with Spanish grapes such as Bovale Sardo, Bocale Grande and Cannonau. Expertly cultivated, the vines thrive thanks to the Mediterranean sunshine and thousands of years of care. If you’re looking for a rich bottle of red wine, then Cannonau is our recommendation. If you’re after a crisp and clear wine, then Vermentino is a wonderful choice. Just as the landscape here is varied, so too are the wines. We think you’ll find the perfect bottle on our Sardinia cycling routes to match every mood and environment.

Delicious Food and Wine in Sardinia

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