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Cycling the Wine Regions in France

The Cycling for Softies experts take you on a tour of the best French wine regions. From the vineyards of the Alsace to the Côtes du Rhône and Bordeaux

With their lush greenery, slower pace of life and medieval villages nestled in the countryside, these French wine regions are not to be missed. In fact, these areas often count among guests’ highlights when it comes to our French cycling tours.

Whether or not you’re a wine buff, take a look at our handpicked selection of the best wine regions you simply can’t miss during your time in France. If you enjoy cycling and wine, then you’ll love our suggested tours.

French Wine Regions


Alsace is located in between France and Germany and has enviable grape-growing conditions. The vineyards here are sheltered by the Vosges Mountains and experience some of the driest weather in France. 92% of the wine that Alsace produces is white, and popular varieties include Riesling, Pinot Blanc and Gewürztraminer.

Discover this French wine region on our Alsace Route du Vin tour which will take you on the Alsace Wine Route, weaving through stunning countryside, villages, vines and châteaux. You’ll begin in the capital of Strasbourg – notable for its gothic buildings (such as the Cathedral de Notre-Dame) and half-timbered houses. Then you’ll have a chance to enjoy some cycling and wine tasting in famous wine areas like ancient Andlau, with its ninth-century monastery, to experience the delicious varieties for yourself.

Each August, Eguisheim in Alsace hosts an annual winegrower’s festival which celebrates the region’s wine with tastings, exhibitions, food and folk entertainment.


Cycle from one vineyard to another, stopping off to sample exceptional gastronomy and world-class wines along the way.

Alsace cycling holidays
Cycle the French wine regions: Alsace

Côtes du Rhône

This famous French wine region in Provence is most distinctive for its rich and strong reds, and two of the most common (and delicious) varieties are Syrah and Grenache. Wines from the Southern Rhône differ greatly from the northern types – the former tend to be aromatic and herbaceous, while the latter are savoury and bold.

If you fancy cycling and wine tasting your way around the vineyards of this region for yourself, check out our Côtes du Rhône Vineyards tour. You’ll carve a route through the countryside from Mazan to Châteauneuf-du-Pape, discovering small medieval villages surrounded by winelands (such as Loriol du Comtat) along the way.


Explore the Côtes du Rhône by pedal power and sample some of the region’s finest landscapes, most charming towns and most highly rated hotels.

Provence cycling holidays
Provence Wine Tour


This southern area of France is arguably one of the best wine regions in the world, and the first Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot vines came from here. Over 90% of the types produced here are red; you should expect to find deep currant, plum and earthy cedar-tasting notes. Most Bordeaux reds are actually blends of two or more different grapes.

Where better to taste a Bordeaux than in the dramatic hills of this region? Try this for yourself on our Vineyards of Bordeaux tour where you’ll enjoy cycling and wine tastings. During your time here, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the village Sauternes – which produces its own variety of sweet white wine.


The Vineyards of Bordeaux tour takes you through some of the region’s most prestigious winemaking areas, coupled with stunning natural beauty and the cultural city of Bordeaux.

Bordeaux cycling holidays
Discover The Enchanting Loire Valley: Saumur castle

Loire Valley

The Loire Valley, right in the heart of France, is rich in history. In fact, Joan of Arc marched troops through the area during the Hundred Years’ War. As well as grand châteaux, leisurely riverside paths and farmlands, the Loire Valley is renowned for being one of France’s best wine regions. It offers a diverse range of wines that tend to be distinguished by their moderate alcohol content.

Discover the hidden gems of the Loire Valley for yourself on our Châteaux of the Loire cycling tour. Don’t miss tasting the local grapes in the vineyards around the village of Saumur, where you’ll find the perfect conditions for producing sparkling Brut. And on this French cycling tour, you’ll have plenty to toast.

The Loire hosts one of our favourite annual summer festivals, the Grand Tablées de Saumur Champigny which takes place in August. Winemakers from the region celebrate the new vintage, enjoy food and dancing over two days.


The magical region of the Loire is world-famous for its châteaux, magnificent rivers and delicious wines.

Loire Valley cycling holidays
Cycling in Champagne


Arguably the most famous wine region in the world, the word Champagne is synonymous with elegance and sophistication. With a wine making history dating back to the medieval era, royals across history have always looked towards what the vineyards of Champagne are making. One of the best French wine regions, expect historic towns bursting with charm, connected by vistas of vine-laced hills.

You can discover this famous region yourself on our Leisurely Cycling in Champagne tour. Cycle to Reims with its historic architecture, and taste the golden wine straight from the vineyards of the Champagne Houses. Lush and vibrant, grapes have been grown here for a thousand years. This means the vineyards of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Menuier have had centuries to make Champagne one of the best French wine regions.


Explore the sophisticated and charming region of Champagne, cycling to Cathedral cities and past sprawling vineyards.

Champagne cycling holidays

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