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Best Restaurants in Tuscany and Umbria

Best Restaurants in Tuscany and Umbria

Regional specialities and a passion for food are what you should expect from Tuscany and Umbria.

When you hear the word ‘Italian’, the first thing that usually comes to mind is food. One of, if not the most popular cuisine in the world, the country is filled to the brim with delicious restaurants. Italians are immensely proud of their food and extremely enthusiastic for visitors to taste it on a cycling holiday to Italy. From the most avid foodie to the fussiest eater, you’ll be blown away by the gorgeous cuisine of this ancient peninsula. One of our favourite parts of Italian food is the multitude of regional specialities and techniques. In Tuscany and Umbria, expect family-run kitchens by world-class chefs, as you experience some of the best restaurants on our Softies tours. Italian chefs treat their restaurants like their homes, welcoming you in with open arms, and excited for you to begin your gastronomic adventure.

Although pasta and pizza are delicious and synonymous with modern Italian cuisine, it would be a sin for any foodie to ignore the delicious risottos, the flavoursome antipasti, and the thousands of regional delicacies scattered throughout the country. For those pasta enthusiasts, you’ll delight in knowing that each region offers a new take on the world’s favourite ingredient. In Tuscany, look forward to the pappardelle pasta with its long ribbons, and the strangozzi in Umbria. On our cycling tours in Tuscany and Umbria, you’ll get the chance to experience some of the tastiest dishes in the best restaurants the region has to offer. Our expert guides have extensive knowledge of the local area, meaning you’re in capable hands. To discover the best restaurants on our Tuscany and Umbria cycling tours, read on.

La Loconda del Capitano, Montone, Umbria

The restaurant of the gourmet hotel La Locanda del Capitano is one of our favourites. Described as a ‘gastronomic salon’, this restaurant is intimate, authentic, and world-class. The famous chef, Giancarlo Polito, is passionate about meeting the guests who dine here, akin to an attentive host at a dinner party. In fact, you’ll feel as if you’re being cooked for by a friend thanks to this warm atmosphere. The locals of the village often refer to Giancarlo as the ‘Captain’, indicating the popularity and sway he has thanks to the marvellous cooking. A favourite of our expert local guides, this is a one of a kind location where you can enjoy the most memorable meal in Italy.

The menu of La Locanda del Capitano has a mission; search for the true ingredients of Umbria. Often called the ‘Green Heart’ of Italy, fresh ingredients are everywhere here, from the richest truffles to the juiciest grapes. Giancarlo calls food a ‘poem’, which would make him a truly talented poet. He loves to create a spectacle of his dishes, displaying them in eye-catching and emotive ways. On his menu, expect such mouth-watering dishes as crispy polenta with black truffle, artisan strozzapreti pasta carbonara, and twice-cooked guinea fowl in mazzafegato. These are but a taster of what you can expect. A favourite of our expert guides, be sure to build up an appetite for this gastronomic pilgrimage site.

La Loconda del Capitano, Montone, Umbria

Ristorante L’Oso, Lake Trasimeno, Tuscany

Boasting a fairytale setting, ristorante L’Oso is situated on an island in the middle of the gorgeous Lake Trasimeno in Tuscany. With a lake-side view from every table, enjoy a gorgeous meal as the sunset sparkles across the gentle water. Exclusively family-run, this restaurant is the epitome of Italian passion, and their love for food is palpable. There’s nothing better than lounging on a Tuscan terrace, drenched in the light of a sunset as you enjoy an Italian wine. This is the perfect reward for a day of cycling in the Tuscan countryside.

At Ristorante L’Oso, the menu is as amazing as the view. Look forward to fresh fish caught that day from the bountiful lake, truffles found in the nearby woods, and Tuscan specialities that will make your mouth water just reading about them. Succulent beef crowned with rosemary and fresh perch pan-fried in sage and rich butter are some of the dishes to look out for. After your meal, the public ferry is closed so the restaurant owner will personally guarantee your return back to the mainland, meaning you’re in for a worry-free evening of good food and warm company.

Ristorante L'Oso, Lake Trasimeno, Tuscany

Villa di Piazzano Ristorante, La Dogana, Tuscany

Historical and stunning, the Villa di Piazzano is an essay in classic Italian architecture, and their restaurant is no exception to this beauty. Boasting beautiful countryside views of the famously rolling Tuscan hills, and witnessing some unforgettable sunsets, your al fresco dining experience here will be unmatched. Chef Raffaele Serafini fuses the timeless recipes of traditional Tuscany with the modern flair of an international chef; local traditions are respected whilst innovative ways of cooking are welcomed.

Sitting under an ancient oak tree, explore a diverse and magical menu. Chef Raffaele Serafini is passionate about food, down to the immaculate presentation. Expect wild mushrooms grilled with sage on top a sweet dressing, and exquisite dishes crafted from freshly made pasta performed the traditional way. Tuscan recipes always incorporate what the local land provides, and the chef here respects this tradition. Dishes are garnished with delicate violets from nearby meadows or fresh mint from the forests. The Tuscan climate is perfect for truffles to grow, creating a delicious flavour and aroma that is so often associated with Italian cuisine.

Villa di Piazzano Ristorante, La Dogana, Tuscany

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