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Reforesting and Rewilding

Cycling for Softies is proud to support Mossy Earth. Passionate about rewilding and replanting wildernesses, Mossy Earth is dedicated to restoring ecosystems damaged by human activity and history. By planting trees and protecting the natural world, they are offsetting carbon emissions as well as ensuring a future for the flora and fauna most at risk from people. Our contribution to their cause helps offset our carbon emissions and fight against climate change.

By preserving the places we love and travel to, we can ensure future generations can experience them with as much joy as we do.

Reforestation Projects

  • Restoring floodplain forests in Slovakia
  • Protecting the Southern Carpathians
  • Reforesting Iceland’s lost birchwood forests

About Mossy Earth’s Projects

Mossy Earth: Iceland

Iceland’s Lost Forests

One project Cycling for Softies has contributed towards is the reforestation of the lost birchwood forests of Iceland. At one point, up to 40% of the island was covered in these forests; a stark contrast to the 1.5% forest cover we see today. Bringing back these forests from the brink of extinction has a multitude of environmental benefits such as carbon offsetting, increased soil stability, increased biodiversity, and the reduction of wind damage.

Mossy Earth: Britain's Water Voles

Britain’s Water Voles

Although small, the British water vole’s impact on the ecosystem is mighty. Thanks to their burrowing and feeding habits, this small mammal helps engineer healthy and productive ecosystems in the waterways they inhabit. Unfortunately, in most parts of the UK, they have become locally extinct, resulting in unbalanced and unproductive environments. Cycling for Softies is proud to have contributed to the successful reintroduction of this important ecosystem engineer in the north of England.

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